Who we are?

Neda’a for human rights and community development is an independent, non-profit youth organization that protects human rights and supports victims of wars and armed conflicts in Libya. In addition, it is concerned with persons with disabilities, refugees and migrants. It also seeks to be in a direct contact with any internal or external issues related to society.

Neda’a organization for human rights and community development was established in January 2020. It was registered in Libya as a civil society institution, and it was founded by university professors and students, and civil society activists. This is with a great confidence in the importance and necessity of its existence as a body responsible for defending and advocating human rights issues, particularly since Libya is currently in a difficult stage of transition into a state of law and justice.

Neda’a organization does not only work to follow the human rights situation in Libya, but it also seeks to be an effective tool towards creating local public opinion through awareness raising considering the aim of pressuring the concerned authorities within the Libyan state to take measures that will push towards improving the humanitarian situation. Furthermore, it puts an end to human rights violations while ensuring that there is no impunity.

Neda’a aims to achieve its goals on issuing continuous human rights statements and reports on the human rights situation in Libya.

It also works through workshops, seminars and panel discussions to establish a culture of respect in this regard. It will also be in a direct contact with the competent authorities in the country to improve the human rights situation and to support the refugees, migrants and victims of armed conflicts.

Our goals:

Neda’a for human rights and community development came at a time when the Libyan state was living in a bad situation in the field of human

rights, with the intensification of civil conflicts and the increase in the number of refugees and migrants, and perhaps the most important goals that the organization seeks to achieve are:

  • Following up the human rights situation in Libya with raising its level
  • Working to end impunity for those responsible for violations
  • Spreading a culture of international humanitarian law and stand by victims of armed conflict
  • Working to ensure that women and children in Libya are enjoying their full rights
  • Helping to end persecution of persons with disabilities in order to ensure that they obtain their rights
  • Any issues related to society in the context of community development

Work Scope:

  • Human rights
  • Victimes of armed conflicts
  • Rights of refugees and migrants
  • Rights of persons with disabilities
  • Women’s and children’s rights
  • Transitional Justice
  • Community development